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Remco Breslau. Filmmaker.

Remco Breslau (Amsterdam, 1972) has one major passion: fiction cinema.
He is fascinated by the magical, constructed worlds, where stories unfold in a visual attractive way. At the Art Academy his focal point was on camera and lighting. After graduation he worked for nearly ten years in the film and commercial industry as an electrician, gripper, video assist and editor. The last couple of years his focus has turned more and more towards editing and directing of commercials and short (also corporate) films.
‘I love the challenge of telling a complete story in a minimal time span, making a commercial or short movie. To come up with a good concept, and to think along with the development of the idea, the approach and determination of a visual style for a film, that’s where I can be the most creative. I find these processes very inspirational.’
A characteristic of Remco’s work is an all-over intelligent, understated feel. The stories unfold in a subtle way, leaving room for the viewer’s imagination. Always clear in structure, distinctive use of color and an aestatic in styling. The music and rhythm are essential and play an important role in the editing.
All elements cooperate to form a coherent story, always with a certain tension, building to a climax or an unexpected plot change.
He achieves this through a consistent and thorough preparation – every aspect of the project is well considered, in order to deliver a perfect result.